Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] question about zrtp

Le dimanche 11 novembre 2007 �0:20 +0100, Michael Reichenbach a
�it :
> On the development blog I`ve read that you currently do your own 
> implementation of zrtp.
> My concern is that zrtp is currently not a "perfect secure" system. It`s 
> still in progress and there are some bugs which need to be fixed (some 
> weakness allow to break the encryption - 
> Just want to say that at the moment zrtp is not a do once, be done 
> project for a single time contributor. I assume it will need some 
> updates later.
> The advantage in a third party library I see it saves development time 
> reinventing the wheel and also third partys will care about the updates 
> of this library.
> Only a question, why not use the zfone sdk? Something wrong with it like 
> licensing? Just curious, it`s no criticize at all.

It is using the ZFone SDK and the implementation is done by the ZRTP
guys directly, not by us :)
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