Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga-windows echo cancellation doesn't work

Le dimanche 13 mai 2007 �3:37 +0200, Dieter Rogiest a �it :
> I'm happy with the fact that Ekiga has progressed since the last time I used 
> it. I will probably mostly use Ekiga to contact family who have WinXP on 
> their computer. So I hope that you developers can squash these bugs out of 
> ekiga-windows.


The problem is that the main developers of Ekiga are Linux developers.
That means that we are working on the Windows version the best we can,
but when there are reports like this one, we are probably not the best
to fix them.

Vincent will provide you with a link to a release of Ekiga 2.0.9 with a
DirectSound audio plugin.

Could you tell us if it works better ?
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