[Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga-windows user doesn't hear sound

I installed ekiga-setup-2.0.9-BETA.exe on the WinXP computer of my sister.
On my Mandriva Linux 2007.1 computer I built ekiga_2.0.9 (I'm a little bit 
disappointed that you don't build ekiga for Mandriva).

Here is my first bug (today) with ekiga-windows-2.0.9:
The first time I called with ekiga-linux-2.0.9 to my sister she couldn't here 
me, I could hear her well. She could see my video and I could see her video.
With Ultravnc I looked at her ekiga-windows: at Audio Devices the settings 
looked okay, I also clicked on "Detect Devices" (I don't know whether that 
helped). Then I called her again and now she was able to hear me. I called 
several times with her (disconnecting and reconnecting just to test it) and 
it went well.
But the fifth time I callled her, again she could not hear me. I did the same 
steps from above with Ultravnc: clicked on her "Detect Devices" (and I still 
don't know whether that was the solution). I called her again and she could 
hear me again.


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