[Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga-windows installer doesn't work if newer gtk+2_runtime is installed

Installing ekiga-setup-2.0.9-BETA.exe on a WinXP computer gives an error when 
a newer gtk+2_runtime_2.10.6 was already installed and uninstalled.
First I thought it was better to uninstall gtk+2_runtime_2.10.6 before 
installing ekiga-setup-2.0.9-BETA.exe (which includes gtk+2_runtime_2.8.9). 
But installing ekiga then gives an error that there still exist another 
gtk+2_runtime on the computer. Apparently the uninstall of 
gtk+2_runtime_2.10.6 doesn't work well. I searched the registry to delete 
any "gtk" keys but the install of gtk+2_runtime_2.8.9 (and thus ekiga) still 
Then I reinstalled gtk+2_runtime_2.10.6 and I tried installing ekiga. Now the 
installer gives the options to either uninstall the newer 
gtk+2_runtime_2.10.6 and install the older gtk+2_runtime_2.8.9 or to keep the 
newer gtk+2_runtime_2.10.6. Keeping the newer gtk+2_runtime_2.10.6 was my only 
option as the uninstall of it doesn't work well.
I don't know whether ekiga-windows functions well with gtk+2_runtime_2.10.6.

Why was the older gtk+2_runtime_2.8.9 chosen to be installed by 
ekiga-setup-2.0.9-BETA.exe ?


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