Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] [info] Re: Ekiga INVITE requests are rejected by OpenIMS P-CSCF

Great :).

So now that the introduction is done (sorry for the fuss), I think that
there a few issues that prevents Ekiga from working as an IMS Client. I
am reattaching the dump that Sergey Mikhanov has posted to both Ekiga
and Open IMS Core lists.

1. The SUBSCRIBE message in packet 2 is sent too early. In IMS you are
supposed to complete first your registration. This is because a special
"border" and outbound proxy called P-CSCF (Proxy-Call Session Control
Functions) will keep track of all registration and will only allow users
to use identities that have been authenticated. So nothing else then
REGISTER requests will be accepted until the registration completes.

2. It seems that Ekiga switches ports... Or it seems so from the trace
(haven't tried it myself). That would be OK, but you need to provide in
the REGISTER all the contact addresses that you are going to use, as for
security reasons (to prevent impersonation) the identities are linked to
the contacts.

3. It seems that there is no support for RFC3608 - Service-Route. This
is not mandatory, but it would be nice to have. The Open IMS Core can
deal with both compliant or non-compliant clients.

Oh and there is something else that you might want to implement in this
direction is the AKA v1/2 MD5 authentication - we have contributed the
client side in the SIPp project, so you could take it directly from
there (RFC 3310/4169).

I am well aware that the RFC3261 does not mandate any of the things
above. But I guess it would be good to have and anyway they should not
break backwards compatibility.


Damien Sandras wrote:
> As the maintainer of Ekiga, I couldn't agree more. 
> Let's move to the real problem please.

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