Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Race condition for disconnect and OnConnected "event" with 2.0.9. Patch included.

Damien Sandras wrote:
Le mercredi 09 mai 2007 �9:48 -0500, Charlie Hedlin a �it :
Damien Sandras wrote: 
Le mercredi 09 mai 2007 �9:03 +0200, Jan Schampera a �it :
Hey Charlie!

If this problem and fix can be confirmed it should probably be moved to 
Opal.  I was trying to avoid having another custom package when I added 
these calls to GMManager.

I am attaching my patch.  Please disregard the SVN information, it is 
from my local repository.
Unfortunately I can't check it right now, I crashed my main system's CPU
(with a screwdriver!) :-)

Damien, I remember some deadlock I could not reproduce by will, that
could be related - though I don't get under which conditions it

I keep this patch in my queue of patches...
Go ahead and remove the patch from the queue.  It seems to have fixed
one deadlock just in time for me to hit them elsewhere.  

Is there documentation about the various branches so I could start
testing with development code?  I would like to go for something more
stable than head, but unfortunately 2.0.9 isn't going to do. 


2.0.9 and HEAD should have the same level of stability (we backport
changes from HEAD to Phobos).

If you encounter stability problems, please report them back here so
that we can fix them. But do you encounter stability problems or not ? I
do not understand your e-mail...

Thank you,
There are two types of stable... Stable as in the code isn't changing except for bug fixes and stable as in it doesn't crash.�� I was referring to unchanging code when looking for branches, but of course I want both.

2.0.9 is definitely deadlocking, and my patches just moved the location around without fixing anything.

I am currently checking out the gnome-2-14 branch and pwlib and opal Phobos so I can test with the recent changes Craig Southeren added to Phobos.

I will write when I have done testing.� Once I have a reliable version we will be placing about 10k calls per day on ekiga through our asterisk server.� We are currently using Sip Foundry's sipXtapi and have contributed a number of bug fixes to their project as well as created SipXTapiDotNet to use the library on Windows in .Net applications.� Unfortunately there have been major problems in the media thread of sipXtapi that we have been unable to overcome in our limited amount of time, so we are moving everything to Linux and Ekiga.

Thank you,
Charlie Hedlin

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