Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Some points on Ekiga-Video

Hi Damien, here some more information:

> > I)
> > [MS]On the windows build I am getting a 
> > :/usr/src/ekigacvs/tt/win32/pwlib/./include/ptlib/array.h:(.data+0x18): undefined reference to
> > `_PPlugin_PVideoOutputDevice_YUVFile_Registration_Instance'
> > when trying to link ekiga.
> > 
> No idea :(

I can make it link when commenting out 

in src/ptlib/common/pglobalstatic.cxx

Who could help me on that matter?

> > J)
> > Shall I implement the Proof of Concept you sent me for obtainign the devices form the
> MEdiaStream
> > or shall I stick to the current implementation? (I am aware we still get fantasy values on
> > non-video calls)
> I don't remember what it was for...

Ok, in my implementation that is in SVN trunk I just store additional pointers to the
VideoPreviewDevice and VideoOutputDevice instances. However you wrote me how I can get hold of
this information by using
ep->GetConnection (call, TRUE);
stream->GetVideoOutputDevice ();

which of the two approaches would be your preference?

On DIrectDraw output when activating the external pip window the last frame stays in the main
ekiga window until it is redrawn (e.g. by moving) since gdk was not aware that we were painting on
top of that window. How can I trigger a refresh of that window?

Thanks in advance,

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