Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Some points on Ekiga-Video

Le jeudi 03 mai 2007 �2:04 +0200, Matthias Schneider a �it :
> E)
> [DS]- I think Fullscreen background should default to black, I changed the
> XV window bg color because every time we were creating a new XV window
> inside Ekiga it was giving a flickering effect due to the fact the XV
> window was first created in black.
> [MS] There was a bug in your FrameDisplayChangeNeeded funciton and where the corresponding values
> where set, leading to a reinitialization of the output class (i.e. xv) in every frame. I have
> fixed it, now a new XVWindow instance is only create when zoom level is changed, frame resolution
> has changed, etc but not on every frame. Possibly your problem is now fixed? Actually with a dark
> image I get a lot more flickerng with the white background than with a black one when resizing.
> However on FS I like white since on my 16:10 display I get two bright white bars to the left and
> right of the vdeo which help the get myself lighted from the front where the cam is standing... So
> check for flickering and then well decide..

Weird. When I had done my checks, it was not recreated each time and
there was the flickering effect when zooming in and out only.


> G)
> GDK external window is not working on win32
> [DS]I know why, it should use gnommeeting_yhreads_dialog_show and
> gnomemeeting_threads_dialog_delete, WIN32 GDK does not support showing a
> window in a separate thread.
> [MS] could you have a look at it? I think since you know gdk a lot better than me you could get it
> done quicker ... Also notice that GDK external window doesnt seem to honor the ontop setting

OK, keep it in mind. I'll work on that when I'm finished with the
presence stuff.

> H)
> [MS]There was a Mutex that protected redraw in the original gdk output. It is gone now,  only 
> PWaitAndSignal m(redraw_mutex); in the destructor and in endframe are left. Is this ok? 


> I)
> [MS]On the windows build I am getting a 
> :/usr/src/ekigacvs/tt/win32/pwlib/./include/ptlib/array.h:(.data+0x18): undefined reference to
> `_PPlugin_PVideoOutputDevice_YUVFile_Registration_Instance'
> when trying to link ekiga.

No idea :(

> J)
> Shall I implement the Proof of Concept you sent me for obtainign the devices form the MEdiaStream
> or shall I stick to the current implementation? (I am aware we still get fantasy values on
> non-video calls)

I don't remember what it was for...
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