Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Echo cancellation

> Hmm...the other person uses a cisco ip phone (so recording probably will not 
> work). Furthermore the problem is present at his end of the connection, 

If he's not using Ekiga, then I don't need the files for that side anyway.

> because he hears an echo of his voice. As far as I understand echo 
> cancellation, it has to be the fault of the software at my end, hasn't it? 

If *he* hears echo, then the problem is on *your* side. The echo
cancellation is applied locally to remove the playback signal from the
mic signal before sending it.

> Therefore replacing his ip phone with ekiga (or something else where 
> recording is possible) will probably be the route to go.

No need to change that. I just need the files on your side.

>>  Even before that, can you 
>> describe what the problem is just in case I've seen that before?
> As soon as the call is established the other party (on the cisco phone) hears 
> a strong echo of his voice with about 250-500 ms delay. On my end there is 
> almost no echo at all.

Well, I can't do anything about the delay, but I can check why the echo
is still loud.

> Laptop mic/speakers should always be on the same device, shouldn't they? I 
> just checked the ekiga preferences and under 'Audio devices' the same device 
> is selected for both output and input.

Sounds fine then.


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