Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Echo cancellation

> Sure, I'm currently compiling 2.0.3 from source (BTW, added some instructions 
> how to checkout a specific version from CVS to the wiki), just send me the 
> patch for 2.0.3 and I'll compile with it. I would probably still need some 
> instructions about how to record the call.

Let me know when you have the files. Depending on what the problem is, I
 may even need the other person's files. Even before that, can you
describe what the problem is just in case I've seen that before? Damien,
what version of the Speex AEC are you using?


P.S. Always make sure that the capture device is the same as the
playback device. Recording from a webcam while playing to the main
soundcard doesn't work.

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