[Ekiga-devel-list] Floating video windows


I talked about this briefly on IRC the other day and it didn't get well
received.  Regardless it was something that I really wanted for my own
personal use so I took the few hours necessary to implement it.

Attached is a patch that allows a float video toggle.  The floating
window responds to all the normal display modes and can be dragged
around.  Just like both new windows, the right click menu does not work
yet.  I figured I would see if you guys were interested in the concept
before I implemented it.

The reason I wrote the patch is because on my laptop's small (1024x768)
screen ekiga took up too much space to video conference and work.  With
this patch I can pip the conference, float the video and hide the rest
of the ekiga app.  This gives me back a lot more screen real estate and
allows me to work and collaborate simultaneously.conference

I am not sure if I like the term "float" which is why my variables are a
bit all over the place.  If you like the features maybe we can agree on
some other name.  Maybe dock/undock?  Oh well.


Attachment: ekiga-2.0.9_floating_video_option.patch.gz
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