Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Floating video windows

Hi Jon,

Le mercredi 18 avril 2007 �1:41 -0400, Jon Nettleton a �it :
> Hello,
> I talked about this briefly on IRC the other day and it didn't get well
> received.  Regardless it was something that I really wanted for my own
> personal use so I took the few hours necessary to implement it.
> Attached is a patch that allows a float video toggle.  The floating
> window responds to all the normal display modes and can be dragged
> around.  Just like both new windows, the right click menu does not work
> yet.  I figured I would see if you guys were interested in the concept
> before I implemented it.
> The reason I wrote the patch is because on my laptop's small (1024x768)
> screen ekiga took up too much space to video conference and work.  With
> this patch I can pip the conference, float the video and hide the rest
> of the ekiga app.  This gives me back a lot more screen real estate and
> allows me to work and collaborate simultaneously.conference
> I am not sure if I like the term "float" which is why my variables are a
> bit all over the place.  If you like the features maybe we can agree on
> some other name.  Maybe dock/undock?  Oh well.

I'm currently rewriting the whole video display subsystem.

I will have a look at your patch this week-end, it does look very
interesting and similar to an idea I had recently.
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