Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Help me build our tested devices page.

maillog: 13/04/2007-14:31:56(+0200): yannick types
> Hi,
> I've started a list of know to work devices for Ekiga here:
> Currently it is mostly about webcams.
> I would like you to tell me what kind of device you've been able to use
> with Ekiga (webcams, USB/bluetooth/Firewire... devices).
> For each device I would like to know:
> 1- The vendor name and device name (maybe the ship name if you want)
> 2- The plateform: Linux/Windows/...
> 3- The interface (USB, Firewire,...)
> 4- The driver name and version
> 5- The plugin selected in the Ekiga preferences (for audio and video
> devices)
> 6- Any relevant infos you might add...

Regarding Firewire DV cameras (the ones with the avc1394 plugin), you
could explicitly mention that they work, period (or "should work" if you
so prefer). Right now the wiki says "Firewire camera supported by Linux
should work".  No maker is going to put a "Linux compatible" logo on a
DV camera, so it may be a good idea to mention these. Oh, and such
cameras hardly fit in the Webcams category (or you could rename the
category to "Cameras").

I have personally used these two: SONY TRV-20[1] and a Canon IXY DV
S1[2].  On Linux, Firewire interface, AVC1394 plugin, no special driver
(in kernel firewire drivers are enough). Oldest tested version is kernel

I am curious, has anyone has used a High Definition DV camera? I am
pretty sure that it won't work in HD mode, but I'd still like to hear
people's experience.


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