[Ekiga-devel-list] Help me build our tested devices page.


I've started a list of know to work devices for Ekiga here:
Currently it is mostly about webcams.

I would like you to tell me what kind of device you've been able to use
with Ekiga (webcams, USB/bluetooth/Firewire... devices).

For each device I would like to know:
1- The vendor name and device name (maybe the ship name if you want)
2- The plateform: Linux/Windows/...
3- The interface (USB, Firewire,...)
4- The driver name and version
5- The plugin selected in the Ekiga preferences (for audio and video

6- Any relevant infos you might add...

Me joindre en t�phonie IP / vid�onf�nce ?
sip:yannick ekiga net

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