[Ekiga-devel-list] Problem with Cisco Call Manager

  Following an IRC discussion with Julien Puydt here is my understanding
of the problems we are facing:

   - Registration to Cisco call does not work. 
     Ekiga sends a REGISTER
     Cisco replies 401 UNAUTHORIZED
     Ekiga mistakes this and reports at the UI level that
     the registration worked.
     Other clients (linphone, Twinkle ...) a that point instead
     do a new REGISTER with the digest auth info as mandated by the 
     protocol (this sounds familiar to me from an HTTP perspective)

   - when Ekiga tries to dial after that
     it sends an INVITE message to the Cisco Call manager
     the Cisco Call Manager don't consider the Ekiga client as registered
     and expects a new REGISTER instead (with auth)
     It then fails with 500 Internal Server Error, which is relatively
     sensible considering the current state

 The core of the problem described in September
is IMHO not at the call i.e. INVITE level, but the fact that even before
the REGISTER failed.

  Any chance to get this fixed ?


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