Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga 3.00

Luc Saillard a écrit :
On Sun, Apr 01, 2007 at 07:54:20PM +0200, Julien Puydt wrote:
* Ekiga will be able to detect when an USB headset or camera is plugged,
and propose you to use it.
Huge, huge work in that area too.

I've already have some code to it ... but it's specific Linux. It's just a
matter looking in /sys/ and /proc/asound. Else we can use the 'hal' library
but not depends of. With a set of udev rules, i've route all sounds from the
mainboard to the headphone when plugged.

Looking in /sys/ and /proc/asound !? Gasp, indeed I was more seeing it two-folds :
- a generic framework to ask user about new devices ;
- a platform-specific device plug-in detector (definitely HAL and not looking ourselves in whatever directory, as that would mean chasing an ever-moving target ourselves!).

* Better NAT support
Hmmmm... new network traversal methods ?

We can use port forwarding from a internet host accessible from anywhere.
This host can forward in tcp, udp, or even SSL (it's already use by msn live

Yes, and that's also what skype does. The problem is that such an host needs a big bandwith and high availability... something we can't afford.

* New configuration assistant
Based on GtkAssistant instead of GnomeDruid. Yes!

Gizmo (not free software) has a very simple interface to create the account.
(and a good UI ...). I would love to have the same thing for ekiga.

The configuration assistant doesn't just create the account, it also lets the user choose the devices, etc.


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