Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga 3.00

Damien Sandras a �it :
Le dimanche 01 avril 2007 �9:54 +0200, Julien Puydt a �it :

* It should have a new menu (Contact) instead of (Call). The main user
interface will be a roster. The address book will (perhaps, perhaps not)
be replaced by a search window allowing you to search for contacts in
various sources and add them to your roster.
I'm for keeping an addressbook window, but not that easily accessible (from a menu entry, not from an icon on the toolbar). We can't put things like ldap directories directly in the roster.

On the other end, I already put neighbour contacts directly in the roster.

A search window is an address book window. (think to old ICQ versions or
other communication tools like Skype).

Hmmmm... if it's just a naming change ;-)

* The roster will support SIP Presence and messaging. It will be stable.
When connected to an Asterisk server, it will show you who is talking
and who is not.
I'd like to know how SIP presence works ; more precisely, where is the roster stored?

Locally, please read the RFC (I don't remember the RFC number, but it is
labelled as SIMPLE)

That isn't very nice from a design point of view :-/

* Ekiga will support the H.263 video codec.
Uh... licence issues in sight ?

If it is a plugin...

If it's a plugin our users can't download...

* Better NAT support
Hmmmm... new network traversal methods ?

No, but a rationalization, and more things being automated. The STUN
test can be executed when you start the client instead of asking the
user to do it.

Hmmm... I'm not sure I really see how it will be done, but well.

* New configuration assistant
Based on GtkAssistant instead of GnomeDruid. Yes!

Yes, and much simpler.


Nothing is finished, but it's not like we don't have contributors and experimental code here and there.

I just don't want to see work in other areas than the one above before
3.00 because there are still many things to do, including in OPAL...

Eh, there are other areas where things will need some change... for example, I'm not sure the chat system is contact-oriented :-/


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