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I think broken is not exactly the word, what I'm trying to do is compile it under windows, but if this file is created running the configure script, it's kind of difficult to find out what other dependencies it might include.

Do you know if anyone has ported it to windows?

On 12/18/06, Julien Puydt <jpuydt free fr> wrote:
Gustavo Valdes a écrit :
> Thanks Jan. I was not aware of it. I've included the lib directories in my
> compiler's includes list and it compiles the file that was referencing the
> gmconf.h header file.
> However, now it stops in the accounts.cpp file, in the following line:
> #include "../../config.h"
> Going up to levels from the src/gui directory, I'm not able to find any
> config.h file, as a matter of fact the only config.h* files are:
> config.h.inoutside the src directory and
> config.h file inside the src/gui directory, the same where accounts.cpp is.
> I've changed the line to #include "config.h" with no luck.

Your development environment is broken. This file is created by the
configure script, if I remember well.

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