Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] alsa and ekiga

Hello there,

thanks for your answers. Indeed, I've got Ekiga and xmms running now:
I changed everything relevant to 'default' (in/out and events).

I still get choppy sound, though. The stats panel does show the jitter
buffer going beyond 500ms. Then I increased the size to 1000ms, and it
was alright! Oh, and the jitter buffer in the stats panel didn't go
over 100ms... I'm puzzled!

In any case, I guess my library might still be 1.0.11, since I only
updated the kernel modules - haven't had time to make packages for the
tools, utils and lib.

Well, I only had the opportunity of trying the test number, which gave
my voice back with a delay rather larger than with other softphones.
Can this have something to do with the codec?

Oh, by the way, isn't iLBC shipped with Ekiga anymore? If so, was it
replaced by a better, free-er thing? Is it possible to add it



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