[Ekiga-devel-list] alsa and ekiga

Hello there!

Alsa and ***: a rather common topic around the net. Unfortunately, I
never did gather anything interesting from my googlings.

Well, ever since I have VoIP, I've wanted to have software mixing on -
to hear the phone ringing even while I'm listening to music. According
to alsa-project.org, with v1.0.11 this should be automatic. According to
other sites, one needs an 'asound.conf' file.

Actually, xmms, mplayer, vlc and xine (amarok uses the same engine) all
play very nicely - no need for configuration other than making sure the
following is set:
driver: alsa
output device: default
mixer device: PCM

And in the softphone area, both Gizmo and Skype (the latest version)
manage to coexist. X-Lite, on the other hand, does not. Neither do any
of the GPL phones: Ekiga, Wengophone, Twinkle, Kphone... Each of these
will lock the sound device, or be unable grab it if xmms is playing.

Ah - those which do coexist do so without sound daemon.

I tried to set up an asound.conf as indicated on the Alsa site, then as
on the TWinkle site, Then I read on Ekiga's site that Alsa 1.0.11 was a
bit buggy. So I compiled the 1.0.12 outside the kernel tree, and cat
/proc/asound does deliver the correct number. No joy.

It is indeed frustrating, and I suppose there are other people with the
same problem.

So I'd like to ask: has anyone managed to get, e.g., ekiga+xmms running?
If so, how? What versions were you using? Is the problem with Alsa,
Ekiga, or my configuration?



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