Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] IAX2 patches

> A few days ago I submitted the patches to Derek (IAX2 opal maintainer).
> They were soon merged in to HEAD of OPAL.  It has all the wanted
> features for IAX2 except transfer support.  Also it has some major bug
> fixes, such as with the sound getting really laggy and also some
> structural changes.
> I have completed integration of IAX2 in ekiga as well.  My patch also
> includes a cleanup of the call reason parameter (ie: answer now, prompt,
> reject etc.) before it had numbers 1-4 with comments about what each
> number does.  I just changed it to an enum.
> One thing is that generally spaces are used throughout the project but
> in some cases there are tabs.  This is normally ok with an editor like
> gedit but with eclipse it looked a little strange because it treated the
> tabs as 2 spaces instead of 8.  If someone could change this it would
> make things a lot cleaner.
> The big catch with testing this is that to get the improved IAX2 you
> need the latest OPAL which does not work with ekiga.  I will be using
> OPAL tree that works with ekiga in order to test and add more
> functionality.
> For those interested the patches are listed on my site,
> By the way I am working on transfer support and cleaning up IAX2 in OPAL
> a little more.  This should be done in time before the end of SOC.
> A big thanks to Google for the awesome Summer Of Code. It has been a
> great opportunity and now I am going to work on a lot more open source
> projects.
> A big thanks to Damien and Julien.
> Also I will be keen to maintain the IAX2 code in ekiga after this
> project ends.

Thanks you for your work!

Thanks to the initial work of Derek, and thanks to your patches, Ekiga
will get support for yet another protocol!


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