[Ekiga-devel-list] IAX2 patches

A few days ago I submitted the patches to Derek (IAX2 opal maintainer).
They were soon merged in to HEAD of OPAL.  It has all the wanted
features for IAX2 except transfer support.  Also it has some major bug
fixes, such as with the sound getting really laggy and also some
structural changes.

I have completed integration of IAX2 in ekiga as well.  My patch also
includes a cleanup of the call reason parameter (ie: answer now, prompt,
reject etc.) before it had numbers 1-4 with comments about what each
number does.  I just changed it to an enum.

One thing is that generally spaces are used throughout the project but
in some cases there are tabs.  This is normally ok with an editor like
gedit but with eclipse it looked a little strange because it treated the
tabs as 2 spaces instead of 8.  If someone could change this it would
make things a lot cleaner.

The big catch with testing this is that to get the improved IAX2 you
need the latest OPAL which does not work with ekiga.  I will be using
OPAL tree that works with ekiga in order to test and add more

For those interested the patches are listed on my site,

By the way I am working on transfer support and cleaning up IAX2 in OPAL
a little more.  This should be done in time before the end of SOC.

A big thanks to Google for the awesome Summer Of Code. It has been a
great opportunity and now I am going to work on a lot more open source

A big thanks to Damien and Julien.

Also I will be keen to maintain the IAX2 code in ekiga after this
project ends.

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