[Ekiga-devel-list] IPv6 Support

I am looking at adding IPv6 support to Ekiga.  It appears this partial
support for IPv6 in opal and pwlib, but none in Ekiga itself.  I have
also heard mention of IPv6 with gnomemeeting, did it ever have working

Well, as an experiment I decided to play with the gconf configuration
and change the auto-detected interface from "eth0 []" to
"eth0 [fe80::1]" and discovered the first problem in endpoints/sip.cpp
in StartListener which loops around the interfaces looking for an
address match.  It calls GetAddress which returns an IPv4 address only.
My question is what the best way is to solve this, make GetAddress
support returning both kinds of addresses, possibly something like IPv4
embedded in IPv6.  This might simplify some somethings, but also cause
more headaches than it's worth.  Another option it to just duplicate all
checks with the similar code for IPv6 using GetIP6Address instead.
Another problem appears to be with this loop is that it assumes each
interface only has 1 address, where IPv6 alone can easily get up to 4
addresses or more.

When the function finds a match, it generates a listen_to string
starting with udp$ which as far as I can tell is only internal to ekiga
and has nothing to do with the SIP protocol.  When IPv6 support is
added, should it generate a different prefix like udp6$ to differentiate
it from the existing IPv4 addresses.  This could also help tracking down
errors when debugging.

Just a few thoughts I had about IPv6...
Loren M. Lang
lorenl north-winds org

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