I ran into a problem a few days ago:
I have a folder with audio tracks belonging to one of my projects. The folder contains 23 files but the project itself is 30, when it's done.

A new file was added, so I brought up EasyTag to quickly edit the tags, but I couldn't find a quick way to make EasyTag write TRACKTOTAL=30 to all the files, because there are 23 files, so EasyTag wrote TRACKTOTAL=23 instead, just like if EasyTag knew better than me how many tracks my project's going to be…

Anyway, what I wrote here doesn't make 100 % sense, but that's what happens when trying to simplify things…

Anyway, to my question:
Is there a quick way to make EasyTag understand that it should write TRACKTOTAL=30 to all my files?

I ended up doing them all manually…

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg

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