DSF Tagging - Git Version

Tested EasyTag (git version) with dsf file support over the weekend. Some findings:

1. EasyTag can successfully right tags into a dsf file. After saving the tags, EasyTag used the following mapping:

TIT2 - For Title
TPE1 - For artist
TPE2 - For Albumartist
TALB - For Album
TDRC - For Year
TRCK - For Track
TCON - For Genre
COMM - For Comment
TCOM - For Composer
TOPE - For Original Artist
TCOP - For Copyright
TENC - For Encoded

2. There seems to be some type of corruption when adding an image. When doing so, the tags are not shown. Removing the image and saving, brings back the tags. EasyTag uses the "APIC" filed to store the image. I tried both jpg and png files.

3. Under the file's parameters, the encoder is indicated as "0". This should be (probably) "DSD"

I did not encounter any other issues and I was able to tags various albums with no issues (except tagging an image). EasyTag felt pretty stable throughout the entire weekend.

Thanks David for putting the effort.



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