DSF Tagging - Feedback

1. EasyTag can list and show the tags of all the various dsf files I threw at it.
2. Sometimes, during "save", EasyTag will crash with the following message:

*** Error in `./easytag': free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x0000000001649dc0 ***

3. When adding a year, EasyTag will save it but when I reload the directory, EasyTag shows the date as:


It always adds 07-05 to the year. Strange.

4. Some files, although tagged properly (as far as I can tell via EasyTag) are not visible on other applications, like MPD or FooBar2000 (on Windows)

5. When choosing a folder to tag, EasyTag will log the folllowing:

** (easytag:20620): CRITICAL **: ET_Save_File_Data_From_UI: assertion 'ETFile != NULL && ETFile->FileNameCur != NULL && ETFile->FileNameCur->data != NULL' failed

That's all for now. I will run more tests tomorrow.



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