Re: New release bugs

Hi John

On 2014-06-23 08:09, John Maughan <john johnmaughan com> wrote:
Thank you for the new Windows version. I can opt to add an image without
Easytag crashing.

Great to know, thanks.

However, when I browse to a folder, the options to Open or Cancel are
hidden behind the Windows task bar, so cannot be used. I had to use the
Task Manager to close Easytag.

I do not know why the dialog positioning is incorrect, but you should be able to move the dialog so that you can see the buttons. EasyTAG does nothing to control where the dialog is opened, so this could be a GTK+ bug.

Also, under About in the main nav, I clicked on the link to website and
got this error message: "Could not show link. No application is
registered as handling this file."

This probably needs gvfs to be installed, in order to handle the http URI scheme. As installing a working version of gvfs on Windows might be difficult (I have never tried, but my guess is that it would not be straightforward), I might be able to override the default behaviour on Windows so that this works as expected.

Finally, after download and a check by my antivirus, Windows Smart
Screen blocked the exe. That might deter a lot of people, no?

This might be because the installer and binary are not signed. It is not likely that I will get access to a signing certificate in the near future, so this warning will probably remain for a while.


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