Re: Update to gstreamer-1.0


Yesterday, I looked into the current state of gstreamer 1.0,
unfortunately they decided to remove mpegtsparse, which was used to
parse DVB-specific tables, e.g. to retrieve list of channels and
descriptions of programs. To my knownledge, there is currentely no
replacement for it, hence it is not possible to port to gstreamer 1.0,
because the daemon requires these tables to be parsed in order to work


Am 12.10.2013 21:01, schrieb Sebastian Pölsterl:
Dear Tristian,

I tried this a while back and ran into several problems myself. AFAICT,
there is at least one problem with Vala bindings [1] and gstreamer [2].

In addition, gst-rtsp-server recently changed their API in git master,
which will need additional work to adapt to these changes.

You are welcome to look at my code [3] and suggest any improvements.



Am 12.10.2013 20:15, schrieb Tristian Celestin:
I am trying to update gnome-dvb-daemon to gstreamer 1.0, and I've hit a roadblock.

In TerrestrialScanner.vala, in the add_scanning_data function, there's this declaration:

            Gst.Structure tuning_params = new Gst.Structure ("tuning_params",
                "frequency", typeof(uint), frequency,
                "hierarchy", typeof(uint), hierarchy,
                "bandwidth", typeof(uint), bandwidth,
                "transmission-mode", typeof(string), transmode,
                "code-rate-hp", typeof(string), code_rate_hp,
                "code-rate-lp", typeof(string), code_rate_lp,
                "constellation", typeof(string), constellation,
                "guard-interval", typeof(uint), guard);

When using gstreamer-0.10, this was valid because the gstreamer-0.10 vapi declares a constructor:

             [CCode (has_construct_function = false)]
             public Structure (string name, string firstfield, ...);

The gstreamer-1.0 vapi doesn't declare any kind of construction function. There is a construction function 
according to the C documentation for gstreamer-1.0 

Is there a reason the Gst.Structure construction function isn't bound?
If the function isn't bound because it's a bug, how do I fix it?                                       
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