Update to gstreamer-1.0

I am trying to update gnome-dvb-daemon to gstreamer 1.0, and I've hit a roadblock.

In TerrestrialScanner.vala, in the add_scanning_data function, there's this declaration:

            Gst.Structure tuning_params = new Gst.Structure ("tuning_params",
                "frequency", typeof(uint), frequency,
                "hierarchy", typeof(uint), hierarchy,
                "bandwidth", typeof(uint), bandwidth,
                "transmission-mode", typeof(string), transmode,
                "code-rate-hp", typeof(string), code_rate_hp,
                "code-rate-lp", typeof(string), code_rate_lp,
                "constellation", typeof(string), constellation,
                "guard-interval", typeof(uint), guard);

When using gstreamer-0.10, this was valid because the gstreamer-0.10 vapi declares a constructor:

                [CCode (has_construct_function = false)]
                public Structure (string name, string firstfield, ...);

The gstreamer-1.0 vapi doesn't declare any kind of construction function. There is a construction function 
according to the C documentation for gstreamer-1.0 

Is there a reason the Gst.Structure construction function isn't bound?
If the function isn't bound because it's a bug, how do I fix it?                                          

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