Re: API for Python modul gnomedvb


I'm glad you like it.

Communication between the daemon and user interface is carried out via
dbus. The python code that does is at [1], any other language which
supports dbus is possible as well, of course.

With respect to API documentation, you might want too have a look at the
dbus interfaces implemented by the daemon at [2].


Best regards,

Am 08.10.2013 10:29, schrieb RoboMod:
Hey list,

last weekend I tested the DVB Daemon and I was fascinated how good it
works. It was no problem to configure with the nice guide.

So now, I'm thinking about writing my one client and I saw the python
modul "gnomedvb". First tests worked right out of the box. Really nice :]!
But for developing software it would be nice to have a kind of API. So,
where can I find it?


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