Re: Live channel streaming

Dear Vijay,

mpegtsparse parses the PMTs and configures dvbsrc with all the PIDs corresponding to a program SI.

It should be possible to parse multiple programs on a same transponder but mpegtsparse needs a patch.


Best regards,


2013/1/24 Sebastian Pölsterl <sebp k-d-w org>

it's true that watching multiple channels on the same TS should work,
I'm not sure if/how it works with respect to rygel, though.

What you could try first is to schedule two recordings at the same time
on two channels on the same TS. This way we would be able to narrow down
the cause, whether it's caused by streaming or not.

Best regards,

Am 24.01.2013 07:36, schrieb VIJAY RANA:
> Hello All,
> I am trying to share and stream multiple channels to my laptop using
> Rygel 0.14.0 and DVB Daemon 0.2.7. I'm able to share the channel but not
> able to play two channels simultaneously. Everytime i try to play two
> channels together it results in following issues:
> Invalid seek request
> default      DEBUG      ChannelFactory.vala:568: Watching channel
> Accenture ABIC(Accenture) (8511)
> default      DEBUG      ChannelFactory.vala:585: Creating new
> PlayerThread: false
> default      DEBUG      ChannelFactory.vala:156: Reusing existing pipeline
> default      DEBUG      ChannelFactory.vala:457: Element tee6 (0xc79a28)
> added to pipeline
> default      DEBUG      ChannelFactory.vala:457: Element bin2 (0xc851c0)
> added to pipeline
> default      DEBUG      ChannelFactory.vala:181: Changing
> program-numbers from 8512 to 8512:8511
> default      DEBUG      MediaFactory.vala:79: Retrieving sink bin with
> payloader
> default      DEBUG      ChannelFactory.vala:264: Searching for sink pay0
> (0xc69368) of channel 8511
> default      DEBUG      ChannelFactory.vala:283: Found sink
> default      DEBUG      ChannelFactory.vala:627: Stopping channel
> Accenture ABIC(Accenture) (8511)
> default      DEBUG      ChannelFactory.vala:333: Changing
> program-numbers from 8512:8511 to 8512
> default      DEBUG      ChannelFactory.vala:437: Stopping pipeline
> (rygel:1468): Rygel-CRITICAL **: Error from pipeline
> RygelHTTPGstResponse: gstrtspsrc.c(4746): gst_rtspsrc_send ():
> /GstPipeline:RygelHTTPGstResponse/GstRTSPSrc:rtspsrc3:
> Got error response: 503 (Service Unavailable).
> My understanding from the documentation and the code is that it possible
> to watch multiple channels which are coming on single mpeg-ts stream.
> I'm wondering how can i test that out? and If it is possible to watch
> multiplechannels then i believe it should also be possible to stream
> multiple channels. In case it is not supported i would like to get some
> thoughts and pointers from your side as to how can i make it happen and
> would ofcourse like to contribute it back to the community.
> Looking forward to your support.
> Regards,
> Pinkoo
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