Re: watch viaccess crypted sat tv

W dniu 08.01.2013 16:59, Dominique Carpentier pisze:
> I want to use gnome-dvb to watch sat tv, witch is encrypted with
> viaccess. I have a Technisat sat-card and a Infinity USB card reader to
> plug an official card. Formerly, on Win***s, I used the UVCE descrambler
> plugin to decrypt the broadcast. But it seems that this plugin is only
> for Crimosoft.
> Can I decrypt without additional plugin or is there something to add to
> see viaccess crypted broadcasts in gnome-dvb ?


The correct and most reliable thing to do would be to use a dedicated CI
add-on card with your DVB card, and a Viaccess CAM module.

The less correct and reliable would be to use sasc-ng, which acts as a
descrambling proxy using a card reader (dunno if your USB reader is
supported by Linux, though). It is less correct 'cause sasc-ng is a
softcam and in theory allows you to descramble content you shouldn't
have access to. And less reliable because it's not hardware or a
supported approach.

Michał Sawicz <michal sawicz net>

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