Re: Gnome-dvb-setup appears to freeze while scanning for channels

Am 30.05.2010 10:16, schrieb John Robinson:
Hi Sebastian and many thanks for your advice.  I started
gnome-dvb-daemon with the --debug switch as you suggested and tried to
output it to a text file. I then ran gnome-dvb-setup in a separate
terminal. The scanning froze when the progress bar got to 87% and I had
to cancel gnome-dvb-setup with ctrl+C. I next cancelled the
gnome-dvb-daemon session with ctrl+C, as this was still running and I
couldn't find any other way of aborting it. unfortunately, the output I
hoped for was not saved. Am I doing something wrong somewhere? Any
advice would be very much appreciated and sorry for my ignorance in this

In order to redirect the output to a file use the following command: "gnome-dvb-setup --debug > debug.log 2>&1".

Sebastian Pölsterl

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