Remaining bugs for 3.0

1.1 MT support
Only serendipity appears to continue having problems but this isn't a
big issue right now as serendipity upstream have disabled XML-RPC due
to "security concerns" anyway. Serendipity cannot post. Invalid
request payload: xmlrpc element PARAM cannot be child of PARAM

1.4 Atom/Blogger 2.0 support - no change.
Really not sure on that one, it just seems to wait. I might just have
the wrong settings for the login. After a few other changes:
(drivel:32119): Drivel-WARNING **: parse_xml_journal_list: XML is not a

1.5 LiveJournal
Progress - LJ now logs in OK, one issue with posting. Seeking help from
the lj-dev community.

2. Removing an account not working for the first account in the
list - somehow the combo_box is not registering the item as active until
reselected. I've got a fix that prevents the crash but that's going to
be annoying. Watch for: Drivel-Message: login_name_active = -1

(drivel:31084): Drivel-CRITICAL **: remove_username_cb: assertion
`login_name_active > 0' failed

3. GtkSourceView - Dropping the text/tml+livejournal and using simple
text/html unless someone comes up with a patch.

The source code continues to shrink - the move to libglib2.0 >= 2.16
means that drivel can use MD5 support (LJ) from glib and has dropped


Neil Williams

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