Re: dogtail Test for widget visibility

Zack Cerza wrote:
> Cole Robinson wrote:
>> Cole Robinson wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I was wondering if there is a mechanism in dogtail to test for widget
>>> visibility: as in, is 'widgetname' visible/focusable? 'focus' doesn't
>>> seem to facilitate this as it doesn't return an error code or bool or
>>> whatnot, and I can't seem to find any other clean way to do it.
>> Since I still haven't found any non-hack way to get this info from
>> dogtail, I'm curious if anyone else thinks this would be a useful
>> addition to the package. It seems to me to be a test case one would want
>> to have at their disposal for gui testing, and I would be willing to
>> work on a patch if people thought it was valuable.
>> - Cole
> Three that I can think of that *may* help are: node.showing, 
> node.focusable, and node.sensitive - if none of those by itself helps, 
> maybe some combination of them will?
> Zack

Sorry, this completely fell off my radar. I was prevented from testing
these suggestions for a bit because I am consistently getting errors
trying to use dogtail in F7 (redhat bug 252042). Strangely on a fresh
system dogtail will work but then at some undiscernable point things
just stop functioning.

What I can gather from when things were working is that the options you
suggested half fit my requirements. The reason they are not entirely
satisfactory is that they cannot provide information for an object that
is not currently visible, so if my tests expect a window to appear but
the window does not, a Node object does not help here.

I might not be 100% correct on the above but If I can get another
working dogtail setup I will post more thoughts.


Cole Robinson
crobinso redhat com

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