Re: dogtail epiphany problems

On Thu, 2006-10-26 at 16:51 -0500, BTeeter decare com wrote:
> Error box contains: 
> Could not start GNOME Web Browser 
> Startup failed because of the following error: 
> Unable to determine the address of the message bus 
> Terminal screen contains: 
> [bteeter erebus ~]$ epiphany 
> GTK Accessibility Module initialized 
> Bonobo accessibility support initialized 
> ** (epiphany:3980): WARNING **: Unable to connect to session bus:
> Unable to determine the address of the message bus 
IIRC Epiphany uses DBus to support single-instancing of itself (so if
you start it repeatedly it uses only one process).  I don't know of a
way to suppress this.

Are you able to run a full gnome session in this environment?  That
might help, assuming DBus is supported there.

But a higher-level question here: what are you trying to do?  
- test a "web 2.0" AJAX-style website (which Dogtail might handle well)
- test an old-style website? (recording and playing back http requests
might be a better approach)
- test browser support for your HTML?
- try out the technology?

Dogtail has been designed to deal with rich clients running on GNOME,
and we've done the bulk of development on Linux (though e.g. it works on
Solaris).  It may work under Cygwin, but might not.  

It partially works with web UIs, but that's not been the main focus, so
expect to have to do some development work here if that's what you want

So if you're hoping for a drop-in solution for AJAX web testing, the
project isn't at that stage yet - but if you want to send patches etc
that would be great.  It's great for driving rich client apps around

Trying the "sniff" application would be the next step in debugging this,
if you want to dive in.

Hope this helps


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