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Hello Leslie,

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What has happened to printer setup.  The button to test print a page is

We had implemented a major redesign of the Printers settings and the
Test Page button has been left out. It is back in GNOME 3.24.

True Gnome selects a driver, but it did not choose the driver that I needed.
It chose a driver with less functionality.

Would you mind providing the printer model you have?

And how can I judge if the chosen driver prints to top,bottom,left,right

There is a Printer Options dialog which allows you to tweak that.

Gnome 3.22 printer setup provided a test page to show a frame -- the
limits for the physical printer.
Further, The test facility also depicted how well the "driver" printed
shading or rainbow.
My printers are laser ones. They have toner, not ink.  Why is my printer
shown as an ink printer.

The Brother drivers report information about printer toner amounts and that
it is a laser printer.

Please stop rushing to provide new features until they are properly tested.


Leslie Satenstein
Montréal Québec, Canada

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