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This is what the documentation currently says:

Define a compose key

    Open the Activities overview and start typing Keyboard.

    Click on Keyboard to open the panel.

    Select the Shortcuts tab and click Typing.

    Click on Compose Key in the right pane.

    Click on Disabled and select the key you would like to behave as a
compose key from the drop-down menu. You can choose either of the Ctrl
keys, the right Alt key, the right Win or Super key if you have one, the
Menu key or Caps Lock. Any key you select will then only work as a
compose key, and will no longer work for its original purpose.

There's something wrong here.

In Gnome 3.24 there is no Shortcuts tab in the Keyboard settings. The
only keyboard settings available are shortcuts. There is no Compose key
option in the Keyboard settings.

I don't know how to set the Compose key any other way. Can you either
update the documents to explain what I need to do in Gnome 3.24 to set
the Compose key, or (better) put the option in the expected place - ie
in the Keyboard settings, where your own documentation says it should be?


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