Feedback on misc/release-notes/3.24/

It would be better if you promote the distros, that update always faster the most recent Gnome version. 

I'm an addicted fan of Gnome 3+ - it's the most comfortable platform for me to work, but even giants like, or Ubuntu(, do not have so much as a priority to configure their system to the top-notche Gnome version... I use RedHat based distros too. For example, I had used the Fedora 26 with Gnome 3.22 for a half an year - and so on, I'd learned the "rpm world of Gnu/Linux, and can work at an advanced level with RedHat based distros, as I can with Debian based. 
​ ​

​So, I am always changing per few months my OSes on my different PC-laptops and Chromebooks​ (I am a quirky multitasker:), and Gnome with is my prefered Desktop! The second is Cinnamon, by the way.

And I often am going on your webstation - - in order to see, what's worth of the new version of Gnome, and I always am seeking, which Distros and Trees of Distros are supporting the newest version of Gnome! Now I saw that Gnome 3.24 has a huge good changes, and I must now browse for a half an hour, in order to find some list of distros, who at the moment are the most quickly submitting the newest version. 

So, I think you should do regular researches on the main RedHat branch, and Debian branch, including the mixed branches, on which - at the time - are more quickly updating their Gnome Desktop, and to list them at an easy to be found by every regular user places on your site. And this is a suggestions, which is in the best interest of every Gnome Loving User - and I think, it should be, as for by default...

Thank you, for reading my long-written suggestion. The main texts are in Bold.

Your regular user - and supporter,

Miroslav Avramov, a.k.a. Miro Avramoff

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