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Hi Michael

On 2014-09-27 11:48, Michael Finkenthei <michael finkenthei de> wrote:
is it - or will it be - possible to reuse the Evolution contacts for
telephone calls in Empathy w/ telepathy? I'd like to see who's ringing
me, in stead of a phone number, for example. And, of course, see the
contact list to chose from when calling someone...

Thanks for the feedback. Recent versions of Empathy use libfolks, a library for aggregating contacts across different address book stores. Empathy does not currently (as of version 3.12.4) show the contact name when there is an incoming call (to a SIP account, for example), and just shows a number (or SIP identifier, such as 123456 sipprovider com). However, if a contact has an associated phone number, right-clicking the contact in the Contact List should give an option to call that number.

I filed a bug about the contact name not being shown for incoming calls, and you can subscribe to that bug if you wish:

Empathy is not seeing much development, and has many open bugs, so it is not likely that the bug will be fixed soon.


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