Process model changes in WebKitGTK 2.26 and potential impact on apps

WebKitGTK provides single and multi-process models for applications to
use. As a measure to mitigate Spectre-type attacks, the WebKit project
has been working on a new feature for the multi-process model (Process
Swap On Navigation, PSON) that will create a different process
for each web view and switch to a different one upon cross-site

The old single-process model is now considered a security risk, and
the existing process limiting APIs have been completely disabled. Due
to the major internal changes that were required for PSON it is not
possible to enable those APIs again.

For testing and debugging purposes it is however still possible to
force the single-process model. The way to do it is by setting the
WEBKIT_USE_SINGLE_WEB_PROCESS=1 environment variable early in the
application code.

Most WebKitGTK applications already work in both modes, but there are
cases that have some issues when running in multi-process mode and
need to be patched to work correctly with WebKitGTK 2.26.

Potentially affected applications are the ones that:

 - use the web process extensions API, and
 - never set the multi-process model, and
 - use more than one web view of the same web context that are
   unrelated (see [1]), and
 - use the page id to identify the web extension process

We have checked which applications meet all these requirements, and we
have found only two:

 - Evolution: it has already been fixed in master and 3.34 branch by
   properly implementing the multi-process model. Previous versions
   are affected[2] and need to be patched.

 - Geary: it is not actually broken, but the memory consumption might
   be too high when displaying long conversations. This is because
   Geary uses a different web view for every message in the same
   conversation. They plan to switch to using related views, but for
   now the environment variable approach has been used upstream.

We propose two solutions for being able to use WebKitGTK 2.26 without
having to switch to the most recent versions of the affected apps:

 - The first one is to patch those apps so they set the aforementioned
   environment variable.

 - The second one, perhaps simpler for LTS distributions, is to patch
   WebKitGTK so it detects whether the running app is one of the
   affected ones and sets the single-process model automatically.
   We are providing a patch that does exactly that (see the attached

We would like to apologize for the inconveniences, and we are
available through our usual contact channels for help and answering
any questions (see for more information).

Best regards,

Alberto Garcia on behalf of the WebKitGTK team


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