Re: Advice for Nautilus to gtk4

On Mon, 2018-11-12 at 10:28 -0600, mcatanzaro gnome org wrote:
On Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 6:28 AM, Carlos Soriano <csoriano gnome org>
Of course, the third option is to "wait and see"

Yeah you don't need to decide now. IMO it's fine to merge the GTK+ 4
work into master now. Then in Februrary, when it's time to release
3.31.90, you can release it off of master if you think the GTK+ 4
port is ready, or (more likely IMO) branch gnome-3-32 from the gnome-
3-30 branch and release 3.31.90 there instead. Please make your final
decision by 3.31.90, though, to not cause surprises for distros after
that point in the release cycle.

We should certainly avoid releasing a nautilus 3.32.0 that isn't
actually ready for all distros. GNOME software isn't supposed to be
bad -- that's not a feature -- and our stable releases are not meant
to be skipped. The stable release should be stab le! So i f the GTK+
4 work in master isn't ready for stable distros come February, then I
would just not make the stable releases off of that branch.



I’m inclined to agree with team sanity here - we don’t want a broken
3.32.0, even if distros can ignore it. And, even if we don’t see the
new toys in GTK+ 4 by 3.34 (revamped shortcuts and DnD), we can do
things to release a minimally broken “Nautilus 4”.

/me throws in a couple of crowns.

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