Re: New important releases of Maps

On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 2:49 PM, Jonas Danielsson <the sator gmail com> wrote:
Another note, if you are the maintainer of GNOME Maps for your
distribution please consider maintaining libchamplain as well. And try
to take the latest version possible. This will help your Maps version
a lot. The next release of libchamplain (0.12.4, unreleased as of now)
will provide speed ups to all versions released today by allowing more
concurrent HTTP requests. So please update if your distro allows!

Could you please do a libchamplain release then?

I didn't get around to filing individual bugs yet, but what's the plan
for core GNOME apps like Contacts and Evolution that currently use
libchamplain to try to load Mapquest-provided maps?

I'm thinking it makes sense for the same people that worked with
Mapnik to get GNOME Maps working could ask Mapnik if a few other apps
could be included in the same offer.

Jeremy Bicha

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