libsoup 2.54.0 accidental ABI break fixed in 2.54.1

libsoup 2.54.0 accidentally broke ABI (by adding a member to a class
struct and not removing a corresponding padding member). libsoup 2.54.1
(just released now) fixes this again; any packages that were built
against 2.54.0 (or 2.53.92) will need to be rebuilt against 2.54.1
(though packages built against 2.53.90 or earlier are fine).

(Just to clarify on the versions: this is a stable release in the GNOME
3.20 series, but there has not yet been a release in the 3.21 series, so
libsoup 2.54.1 is now also the latest "unstable" release.)

-- Dan

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