Tomboy data loss bug: Please update your packages to 1.4.2 (GNOME 2.32) or 1.2.2 (GNOME 2.30)

Upstream bug:
openSUSE/SLED: my account is broken, sorry

Affects Tomboy 1.0 (GNOME 2.28), 1.2 (GNOME 2.30), and 1.4 (GNOME 2.32).

Due to an error in a regex in Tomboy's web sync add-in, notes created in Gnote
may send blank content to Ubuntu One or other web sync servers like Snowy
(Tomboy Online). This could ultimately lead to data loss, if the user expects
that a clean Tomboy sync will get all notes with their full content.

I highly recommend that Tomboy is upgraded to 1.4.2 in GNOME
2.32-based distros, and 1.2.2 in GNOME 2.30-based distros. Both of
these stable bugfix releases were made to provide a fix for this bug
to distros.

If you prefer to patch the fix in, the relevant commit is here:

This patch should also work for Tomboy 1.0.x (GNOME 2.28), but I did
not do an official upstream tarball release for that old stable


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