Re: Stable .3 releases

On Thu, 2007-01-25 at 09:44 +0100, Loïc Minier wrote:
>  Yes, and we already miss plenty of fixes after the .3 releases.  If you
>  ask me, you should have longer supported releases.  I understand you
>  can not push a release out every 6 months and support it for 3 years,
>  but on the other hand the current situation where as soon as the next
>  GNOME stable release is out all people running the preceding one get
>  little support for it is unconfortable.
Yes i agree because not every distro has the same release times as gnome
as. Gentoo uses Gnome for the livecd/installer but that doesn't mean we
don't fully support kde too.

>  The Debian GNOME team lacks man power, and we're not after the bleeding
>  edge anyway, so we generally start looking at releases in the .9x
>  versions, past the feature / API freezes or so, but we rarely make it
>  to ship the .0 stable desktop when it releases; completion of a stable
>  desktop usually happens when you're pushing .1 or .2 packages.
Looks like we aren't the only ones lacking man power ;). Our release
cicle begins with the betas/rc on a separete repository, add it to the
main tree masked so we can have all our arches testing and helping us
with the dependencies and unmask it more or less with the .1 release.
Then reporting bugs to upstream and get the fixes for .1 or .2 so we can
stablize it.
>  In this context, .3 releases and later are very valuable to us, and I
>  would even be very happy if some maintainer could backport very
>  important bug fixes to older stable GNOME releases.
For us is valuable too but the point is at the time .3 is release a new
major release is on the way too and it's hard to keep both maintained.

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