Re: RFC: hiding the new timezone feature in the clock applet for 2.20

Le lundi 20 août 2007, à 13:02 -0400, Ray Strode a écrit :
> Hi,
> > Since I didn't have time to fix a few things for the clock applet for
> > 2.20, and I don't think anybody did it either, I think this feature is
> > not ready to be used by all our users for 2.20: the UI is clearly far
> > from being optimal, and it's also a bit slow for reasons I've not
> > investigated.
> >
> > I'd like to remove the UI bits from the clock pref dialog that let the
> > user enable this feature. People could still enable it via a gconf key,
> > though.
> Seems reasonable enough.  After that, maybe we can get Novell's
> prettier map/clock graphics integrated into it?

It might make sense, yes.

I would have loved to know about Novell's version before I rewrote
the entire patch that was sitting in bugzilla for quite some time to
make it sane. This was a significant work. I learnt about Novell's
version too late and I wouldn't say it was a nice surprise for me.

May I request that such changes made for a distribution are at least
made known to upstream?

(and this is not just about Novell, really)



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