major fixes to backport; bad stacktraces issue.

good evening dear distributors,

first of all: for the last months, has suffered from
many useless crasher reports, because traces missed the names of the
calls, even if users have installed the required debug packages. this
happened to many distros (the ones i definitely know of are at least
opensuse, ubuntu, debian, and partially fedora). i can't see any reason
why the other distros with a recent kernel are not also suffering from
the underlying issue seems to be a kernel problem, as described here:
the patch that suse now uses is attached here:

there are also downstream reports about this for ubuntu and redhat (i
don't know about the bug tracking systems of the other distros):

so if you are interested in less workload for your triagers, developers
that can find the reason for crashers in their apps, and more useful
user feedback, i'd appreciate pushing a patch or (if any doubts) further
investigation and follow-ups.

*and now back to our regularly scheduled program:*
distros that have a backport policy or are based on an older gnome
release most likely want to make sure that they provide updated packages
including these fixes:

EVOLUTION: has been fixed in
2.10.2 and 2.11.2, but still getting enough dup reports, distros: please
update/backport if you haven't done yet.
166 dups so far. backporting appreciated.
libical also includes other updated timezone information (e.g. for
mongolia), so it could be useful to ship the current state of it.
for your interest, evolution 2.12 will instead use the system timezone
information on *nix systems.
GNOME-UTILS\logview: has been fixed for 2.18.1.
still getting some duplicate reports, please backport if you haven't done yet.
RHYTHMBOX: has been fixed in 0.10.1.
according to comment 5 this was fixed on 2007-04-28 in trunk and stable.
519 dups total, 162 in the last 30 days.
RHYTHMBOX: has been fixed for 0.10.1.
310 dups total, 89 in the last 30 days.
the duplicates of this bug contain different crashes with python 2.4/2.5
mostly from Mandriva and FC6/7.
the (hopefully) complete fix has been made available shortly after
0.10.0. pushing version 0.10.1 would be nice to get less crashers.

as already written, i ask vendors/distros (especially ubuntu and suse)
to add a short comment to the report when a patch has
been backported (highly appreciated).


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