Re: Parse-Dia-SQL foreign key

I created two UML classes (tables) and gave each several attributes

I created an association between them, but the foreign key is never
created in the SQL unless I make it the primary key of the one-side

Is there a better place to ask Parse-Dia-SQL questions?

was playing with Dia and SQL modeling some time ago, where i go to foreign
keys (in SQLite) too, but i had no problems with it - after some try -
fail attempts all worked as expected.

You don't wrote for which which database you are using it, but I wrote
article about SQLite3 - (it
is in Slovak language only). At end of the article are links to some
sources and example .dia file, perhaps it helps you.

IMO, this ML is not proper place and you need ask on the parse-dia-sql
side, because it is a separate project.

Thank you for your message. I wish that I could read Slovak. I will
try to find a Parse::Dia::SQL discussion place.

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