Re: DIA export Error on Kubuntu

I've attached to this mail an image that gives you an example of the bug.

Is this about the workaround you told me?
ThanksImmagine in linea 1

2014-09-02 12:28 GMT+02:00 Emanuele Benatti <emanuele benatti gmail com>:
I have Kubuntu 14.04 with the latest version of Dia. I've created some graphics and a I want to export, without background, into a png or jpeg file. Every time i try to do Dia creates a png file with rubbish text. For example, if i create a diagram with a single rectangle shape with a text inside, dia export a correct shape with rubbish text.
How can i fix it? I hope someone can help me.

Emanuele Benatti - emanuele benatti gmail com - - +393498239345

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